Tabor calls for greater oversight by Consumer Affairs, as businesses are using ABST hike to justify exorbitant prices

Former senator Damani Tabor is appealing to some businesses to stop
exploiting the January 1, 2024 increase in the Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax

The sales tax was increased from 15 to 17 percent at the start of the year —
ostensibly to increase government revenue to fund a salary increase for public

However, some consumers are complaining that certain business owners have
been taking advantage of the ABST increase and raising the prices on their
goods exponentially.
Tabor, who is the public relations officer for the United Progressive Party
(UPP), agrees, saying that prices on the supermarket shelves are increasing
far out of proportion to the tax hike.
Accordingly, he and MP Richard Lewis are calling for the oversight capacity of
the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division to be strengthened.
It can then provide proper policing of the various business places, seeking out
those that have raised their prices unreasonably and are exploiting the people.

Many business owners are blaming the ABST increase for their high prices,
knowing full well that this is not the case, Tabor says.
Hence, those involved in such unscrupulous acts must be stopped in order to
protect consumers, especially the poor and vulnerable, he says.
To support his point, the UPP officer refers to a certain eye medication that is
often used by the elderly, noting that the price has increased significantly.

That was UPP Public Relations Officer Damani Tabor.