‘Who really authorized demolition of beach bar?’ DeFreitas pursues answers and Lewis calls out PM

Businessman Peter Kelsick was the object of what appears to be victimization
by the Development Control Authority (DCA), which allegedly demolished his
place of business at Dickenson Bay, in the dead of night on Monday, April 22.
An earlier report by REAL News that detailed the allegations made by Kelsick
about the Government and the nearby hotel developers was removed by
Facebook today. However, no reason was given.
Meanwhile, United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker Franz deFreitas, who
has been following this development, says he has since been informed that the
demolition might not have been undertaken by the DCA, as believed.
The sources reportedly pointed out to deFreitas that Kelsick had not received
the DCA’s usual “courtesy letter” ahead of the demolition – which allegedly
had been scheduled for Wednesday, April 24, if Kelsick had not removed the
building by then.

Additionally, given the hour at which the destruction of the property took
place; the absence of DCA officials; and the absence of the Police, the sources
are implying that the demolition was done by private sources.

As far as the time goes – reportedly after 11 o’clock on Monday night – the
authorizing persons or body appears to have been avoiding not only
witnesses to the action, but the possibility of a public demonstration near the
hotel property.

DeFreitas says he has been hearing other conflicting explanations, as well,
and, therefore, will continue to investigate.

In the meantime, as many residents are condemning the action as an abuse of
power, MP Richard Lewis says that Prime Minister Gaston Browne should
have intervened in the situation since the property is locally owned.
“I emphatically condemn Gaston Browne’s failure to act in the interest of Mr.
Peter Kelsick, before the demolition of his longstanding beach bar at Halcyon
Cove,” Lewis said on social media.
According to Lewis, Kelsick’s beach bar had been in continuous operation for
decades and making a valuable contribution to the country’s tourism product.
Lewis believes that common sense would have prompted Browne to withhold
authorisation for the demolition of the property until all reasonable efforts at
negotiation, alternative approaches, or securing fair compensation were
The MP views this development as yet another instance in which Browne has
displayed his complete lack of concern for the plight of local entrepreneurs,
especially at a time when unemployment and crime are steadily rising.