Twelve food-service operators ordered to stop preparation and sales because of food-safety violations, CBH reports

Twelve businesses located in St. John’s have been instructed by the Central
Board of Health (CBH) to stop the preparation and sale of food immediately,
following a surprise inspection on the weekend.
One of the many responsibilities of the Central Board of Health (CBH) is to
ensure that safe and wholesome food is being prepared and served to the
To this end, last Saturday night, April 20, staff from the Public Health
Department conducted rapid inspections of several businesses in St. John’s,
where the focus was placed on the possession of a food handler’s
identification (ID), the presence of a hand-washing station, and the time and
temperature abuse of food.
A press release from CBH notes that there were many food-safety infractions,
and these led to the discontinuation of food sales to the public.
The Board says that 16 vendors were inspected, 12 of whom were instructed
to cease the preparation and sale of food.
An additional 10 vendors allegedly were operating without a hand-washing
station, while 12 were without a valid food-safety badge.
During the inspections, CBH officials made note that three vendors held food
at the wrong temperature, while food items were seized and disposed of from
four vendors.
Reportedly, a meeting was held on Monday, April 22, at the Central Board of
Health office, with the owners of the establishments who were instructed to
cease food preparation. 
CBH is appealing to these food vendors to obtain a valid food-safety badge.
They are also instructed to become compliant with the recommendations
issued by public-health officials in order to resume operation.
However, these homes and businesses must be inspected before they are
allowed to reopen and resume preparations and sales.

According to CBH officials, a special food-safety training session will be held
this Thursday, April 25, for the operators who were instructed to cease the
preparation of food for public consumption.
The deadline for registration for this session was today, April 23, at the
Central Board of Health office on upper Church Street.