UPP Chairman says ALP elections campaign will not be waged on Labour Government’s accomplishments, but on money

Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) D. Gisele Isaac says  the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) has been busy devising ways to buy the upcoming general elections.

Isaac says this election campaign is not about the accomplishments of the ALP government, but about big spending and free concerts in order to win votes.

She says that many of the Government Ministers have already set themselves up in comfortable positions where – no matter which party is in power – they will still be able to make a living at the tax-payers’ expense.

This falls in line with the Party’s self-enrichment policy, articulated by Prime Minister Gaston Browne shortly after he took office, she says.

PM Browne has been travelling frequently in the past several weeks, and some of his trips reportedly have been financed by private benefactors.

Isaac speculates that these trips are for the Labour Party to raise funds to “buy out” the people, especially the youth, some of whom have already been receiving inducements from ALP operatives.