Motorists and residents advised that work will resume on the Anchorage Road, so they should expect delays and disruptions

Traffic on Anchorage Road will become more of a bottleneck as the Second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project moves to this major thoroughfare.

A section of the roadway – close to the Yorks Village entrance and the Friendship Circle in Fort Road – has been blocked off for months now.  This was due to work being done on a bridge that would allow water to flow more smoothly in the ghaut (pronounced gut) that runs to Mckinnons Pond.

However, that work has been at a standstill for several weeks, with large heaps of soil in the roadway and traffic being diverted through Yorks Village.

Now, the Ministry of Works – through the Project Implementation Management Unit (PIMU) – is announcing that heavy-duty equipment and large machinery will be moving to the Anchorage Road.  This will result in slow-moving traffic, as well as single-lane operations on sections of the road.

Additionally, access to business places and residences will be affected for a 24-hour period, the PIMU says.  However, all access will be reinstated at the end of each workday, which runs from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

Road-users are therefore urged to plan their route to ensure that they arrive at the destination on time, since the ongoing road work could cause traffic delays.

Motorists and pedestrians should also proceed with caution when travelling in the work zones, and they are advised that traffic diversions will occur whenever required.

Reportedly, the first phase of the resurfacing work will take place at the junction of Dickenson Bay Street and Anchorage Road to the turn-off at the former Outlet Printery.  The PIMU says the contractor will work in this area for approximately seven weeks.

“All traffic interventions will be controlled by flag persons with assistance from the … Police Force … and traffic management signs will be on hand to effectively communicate with road users,” a press statement says.

The Ministry of Works, through the PIMU, is responsible for implementation of the day-to-day works, while C.O. Williams Construction (Antigua) Ltd. has been awarded the contract for the work.  The consultant is ECMC Ltd.

The contractor, according to the PIMU, will be carrying out the resurfacing, widening in some areas, and drainage improvement works.