Inmate alleged to have injured fellow prisoner, leading to hospital admission for fractured skull

An inmate at His Majesty’s Prison allegedly was injured during an
altercation on Thursday morning, December 14, at the penal facility.
Allegations are that the inmate had his skull fractured by another
Reportedly, he was transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical
Centre, where he is being treated and is expected to be admitted,
sources say.

It is unclear what prompted the altercation and what was used to
cause the injury to the inmate.
Meanwhile, there are allegations that the inmate has been using a
phone, which is a contraband item, to make calls to persons on the
outside and perpetrating scams from behind the prison walls.
Unconfirmed sources claim that, several weeks ago, the Police had a
conversation with the head of the prison, seeking to confiscate the
cell phone from the inmate.