Sporting fraternity hails Pat Whyte’s contributions to national life and mourns the passing of a passionate advocate

The sporting fraternity is mourning another loss, this time the death of former Director of Sports Patrick “Pat” Whyte.

Reports are that the sports stalwart died, at age 77, on Tuesday afternoon, at about 1:30 p.m.

Denmore Roberts, a sports commentator and host of Progressive Sports, says Whyte’s passing – which he heard about from a friend in Montserrat – took him by surprise.

Roberts says he worked closely with Whyte, who gave expert commentary when relaying a cricket match.

He credits and remembers Whyte as a strong advocate for a national sports policy, which, Roberts notes, still has not been developed in Antigua and Barbuda. Unfortunately, he says, the authorities did not understand the visionary work that Whyte and others undertook in producing the policy.

Regarding national teams and management, Whyte was on top of the game, Roberts says, particularly with those who served in the capacities of cricket and football managers.

Whyte, who is described as having been a stern disciplinarian, was also instrumental in moulding a number of young cricket players, according to Roberts.

Meanwhile, the host of the Good morning JoJo radio show, Joseph “Jojo” Apparicio, shares his memory of Whyte, with whom he butted heads over the years but remained good friends.

State media describe Whyte as a fanatic for sports who brought passion to positions he held.

Whyte also served as a cricket umpire in regional first-class cricket and played an integral role in the creation of the National Sports Awards.