Southwest Farmers Association puts wares on offer all day Wednesday in preparation for Easter weekend cooking

Farmers located on the southern end of the island will be doing it
once again – in time for the Good Friday cook-up and the Easter

weekend feasts – through the hosting of another Southwest Farmers

Erica Phillip, the Association’s public relations officer, says
everything is in place for the March 27 market day, when an array of
produce, food, and drinks will be on sale.

Potted plants, herbs and seedlings, as well as the famous Inzinga’s
bambula and trasha dumplings will be on sale, as well, she says.

Phillip says that a set of new farmers has joined the line-up, one of
whom is an egg farmer from the Bolans community. Therefore, eggs
will be available for purchase.

Eggs were offered when the monthly event first started, but the
producer had pulled out eventually.

To commemorate its three-year anniversary of hosting this event,
Phillip says that a raffle will take place: a basket filled to capacity
with food will be on offer for anyone spending over $30.

Phillip is inviting everybody to come out and support the farmers
from the southern side of the island, while getting everything
needed for this Easter weekend.

That was Erica Phillip, public relations officer for the Southwest
Farmers Association.

The Southwest Farmers Market – situated on the road leading to
Christian Valley and also known as Jennings Bottom Village – will
begin at 6 a.m. and run until 5 p.m. or until everything is sold out.
And parking will not be an issue, Phillip assures.

The organizers are seeking to promote locally grown products and
eating what we grow in Antigua and Barbuda.