Tuesday-morning bomb threat at St. John’s Magistrates Court turns out to be a hoax

Workers at the St. John’s Magistrates Court received quite a scare on
Tuesday morning, March 26, when someone reported that a bomb
had been planted in the building.

After receiving the bomb threat, the staff, attorneys, and other
residents immediately evacuated the building and gathered outside
the Knuckle Block premises.

A source tells REAL News that an on-duty government security
officer received the anonymous telephone call sometime after 8 a.m.,
ahead of the court’s start time of 9 a.m.

The Police were notified and a number of officers, including from
the senior rank, converged on the scene, as the building was swept
for explosive devices.

No bomb was discovered inside and work resumed, as normal.
Our news correspondent, George Wehner, was on the scene and filed
this report.

That was REAL News correspondent George Wehner.

That building has been a bone of contention between Rural West
residents and the Government since the court was placed there.
The building was constructed to be a community centre for the
Rural West constituency, but residents are yet to make use of it as
the court was placed there over four years ago.

A source says that this is the first time, to their knowledge, that such
a threat has been made on the lower court.