Cries for help save Cashew Hill man from armed robbers, while alarm bell scares intruder from All Saints store

Injured and on the ground while being accosted by two armed
bandits, a man’s call for help is what saved him from being robbed.
Reports say that two gunmen attempted to rob a middle-aged
Cashew Hill man at about 1 a.m. on March 23.

It is alleged that the 56-year-old man had just arrived home when he
was accosted by the armed duo.

Reportedly, he began to back away from the perpetrators, but
tripped and fell – at which point one of the men used an unknown
object to strike him on the left side of his forehead.

They then allegedly began to search the victim; however, he began
to call out for help, which caused the duo to leave him and run off in
a western direction.

A 911 Emergency Hotline officer made a report of the attempted
robbery to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), and a

search for suspicious-looking persons was carried out in the
surrounding area.

The search was unsuccessful, but inquiries into this incident

Meanwhile, the Police are probing the circumstances leading to an
All Saints business being broken into by unknown individuals.

It is alleged that an operator attached to Special Security Services
telephoned the All Saints Station and reported that Sandra Conner
Fines Store, located in the village, had been broken into.

This offence reportedly occurred sometime between 7 p.m. on
March 22 and 3 a.m. on March 23.

As a result of the report, officers reportedly visited the scene to
conduct investigations.

Reportedly, the store owner said she had left her business place
secured, but later received a call from the security company,
advising that the building had been breached.

Apparently the intruder had used a hard implement to pry open a
northern single-hung window, but had been unable to gain entry
after the alarm system went off.