Philanthropist fears Browne Administration cannot be trusted to use donor funds for their intended purpose 

Steven Morgan, philanthropist and founder of the Steven Morgan
Foundation, says he is now reluctant to do any further business or
make financial contributions in Antigua and Barbuda.
Morgan’s apprehension follows the Browne Administration’s failure
to dispatch his donation of US$1 million to the people of Barbuda to
assist them in rebuilding after the passage of Hurricane Irma.
More than six years have passed since Morgan made the donation in
September 2017, and the funds have not reached the intended
recipients or been used for the purpose for which they were

In fact, the money reportedly remains in the Global Bank of
Commerce in an account set up by the Government in the name of
Hurricane Relief Funds.
During an exclusive interview with the Phoenix Free Press, Morgan
says he would love to continue his charitable work here, but his
experience with the Browne Administration has left a bitter taste in
his mouth.
He notes that this is the first time he has experienced anything of
this nature, after having done a lot of similar work in the United
Kingdom (UK). And he fears this government cannot be trusted.

The philanthropist says that his foundation has donated to the poor
in the UK and he would love to undertake similar projects in Antigua
and Barbuda, which he considers his second home, since he has a
property on Jumby Bay.
However, Morgan says that taking on such a venture would be risky,
as he would not know whether his donation would be used for the
purpose he intended.

Meanwhile, Morgan says that he does not wish to take this matter to
court; however, he is making an appeal to Prime Minister Browne
and his administration to do the right thing. 

That was Steven Morgan, philanthropist and founder of the
Steven Morgan Foundation.