Fight with his first-former cousin ends with Fifth-Form student sustaining injuries to his head

On the heels of a brawl at the West Bus Station Terminal in which a
15-year-old student was chopped, another incident involving a
school child is being investigated by the Police.
Reports are that a Swetes mother went to the Liberta Police Station
with her son, a Fifth-Form student of the Irene B. Williams
Secondary School, who was wearing medical bandages to his head
and left ear.
The mother reported that the boy had been wounded by another
student at the school on January 29, although the report was made
only on February 8.
Reports say the young man was at school when he got into an
altercation with a first-former who is his cousin.
Apparently the dispute escalated into a fight, during which the
younger student used a sharp object to inflict wounds to his cousin’s
head and left ear.
The Police conducted a search for the alleged offender, but without