Ailing hospital cooling system closes down blood-drawing department, which hopes to reopen on Monday

Persons facing medical challenges that require blood work and who
cannot afford to have it done privately might have had to make the
sacrifice this week.

This is because phlebotomy services – or the drawing of blood for
tests – were suspended at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.
In a notice asking residents to be patient and understanding, the
hospital announced that these services will resume on Monday,
February 12.

An official at the hospital says it is no secret that the medical facility
has been having some issues with cooling the premises due to
difficulties with its AC units.

She says the equipment to store blood has to be kept at a certain
temperature, and the department was unable to do so.
Therefore repairs were undertaken to rectify the problem, the
official says, adding that she is hoping the equipment would be
sorted out by Friday, February 9