MP Lewis believes Knuckle Block complex will need significant repairs when court vacates the premises

With word coming from the Government that the St. John’s
Magistrates Court will be returning soon to its High and Temple
Street location, MP Richard Lewis believes the Knuckle Block
complex will need to undergo renovation work when the court
The lower court was relocated to the building that was meant to
serve as the Rural West community centre after staff objected to the
deplorable working conditions at the High Street premises.
The move was intended to be for a short period only while remedial
work took place at the court’s previous location.
However, it has remained in the community centre for more than
four years and the facility has since developed structural problems,
including a leaking roof, Lewis says. 
The MP is worried that, when the court is moved from the Knuckle
Block complex and back to its original home, the community centre
will be in dire need of repair. 

Lewis, the parliamentary representative for the area, says this issue
may pose some challenges; but he adds that the residents of St.
John’s Rural West are resilient people, and they have begun to think
of ways to help themselves.
Given the rise in violence among youth, MP Lewis says the
community centre is needed to help keep them off the streets and
out of mischief.

That was St. John’s Rural West MP Richard Lewis.  
The Knuckle Block community centre was the brainchild of former
Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer, then parliamentary representative
for the constituency.
The complex was built and donated by the Government of the
People’s Republic of China on Spencer’s request.