Confrontation between two youth leads to both sustaining minor injuries

A stabbing incident that involved a teenager in the Golden Grove
New Extension area is under investigation by the Police.
Reports say the 16-year-old victim received a stab wound to the
back, inflicted by another young man.
This incident reportedly occurred at about 3:30 p.m. on January 6.
Further reports say the teenager was on the Golden Grove New
Extension Main Road when another youth got up in his face and
asked if he was looking for a confrontation with him.
The alleged perpetrator then pushed the teenager and pulled a
knife, which, reportedly, he used to stab him to the right side of his
Apparently, the father of the wounded teen later arrived on the
scene and called the ambulance, which transported the boy to the
The 911 operator subsequently telephoned the Grays Farm Police
Station and reported that there had been a stabbing.
Doctors say the injury to the young man was not life threatening and
he remained in a stable condition.
The Police later visited the home of the alleged attacker and spoke
to him in the presence of his mother. At that time, the officers
noticed that he had an injury on the right side of his head.

Reportedly, according to the young man’s version of events, it was
the victim who had pushed himself up and asked about a
confrontation. He then retaliated by pushing him back, he claimed.
The fight reportedly followed an incident in which the victim
allegedly had struck the attacker’s 10-year-old brother, which led to
a fight between both teens.
Meanwhile, doctors also report that the injury to the other teen is
not life threatening.