Home invasion and a lucrative robbery, burglaries, and attempted sexual offence are all under police investigation

A robbery and two burglaries – in which a number of valuables, including phones and over $30,000 in cash were stolen – are being


Reports say that a resident of the O’Beez Complex on Factory Road was held up at gunpoint by three masked men, who robbed him of US$10,000 in cash; an I-phone 13 Pro Max valued at US$1,200; and his wallet, containing EC$5,000 in cash, along with various identification cards. 

The man went to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported the incident, which allegedly took place at about 3 a.m. on Saturday, January 28, at Factory Road. 

It is alleged that the man was at home and heard knocking on his apartment door and decided to go to check.

Reports are that he saw a man whom he does not know sitting outside his apartment. 

As the man turned to re-enter his apartment, three masked men with guns reportedly attacked and forced him into the apartment, where he and his roommate were made to lie on the floor. 

The intruders then began to search the apartment and took the money and phone, which they removed from a northeastern bedroom.

They also took five gold chains from the victim’s person, along with EC$500, a silver chain valued at $500, and an I-phone X Pro Max from the roommate’s southeastern bedroom, before they escaped.

Meanwhile, a Fort Road woman reported to the CID that an unknown person had broken into her home and stolen her Samsung cell phone, along with the charger, in the early hours of January 26.

Reportedly, the Police observed that there were no signs of forced entry.  However, the woman believes that a northern bedroom door had been opened by the intruder, since it was the breeze blowing through that had awakened her.

She reportedly woke her husband, who then chased the unknown intruder out of the house and down into the village. 

The perpetrator is described as being about six feet in height and slimly built and was dressed in dark clothing. 

A search was carried out in the surrounding area for a person fitting the description of the intruder, but without success.

In the meantime, the daughter of a Cashew Hill woman came face-to-face with a knife-wielding intruder, who had broken into their home in the early hours of Friday, January 27, and stolen money.

Reportedly, the woman told police officers that her house had been burglarized by a male armed with a knife at about 4 a.m.

Further reports are that a 20-year-old female was in bed, sleeping, when she was awakened by a light in her face.

The young woman opened her eyes and saw a man, armed with a knife and fully masked, standing over her. 

The intruder then reportedly told her to relax while he searched her room, after which he instructed her to remove articles of her clothing, which she did. 

Reports say he then placed the knife on the dressing table and attempted to undress himself.  But the intended victim took the opportunity to run from her room while shouting for help. 

The armed intruder immediately fled the scene in a southern direction. 

The young woman reportedly gave chase, but the man escaped. 

The owner of the house said she was awakened by the screams of her daughter, and when she went to investigate she saw her chasing the intruder. 

Apparently, before his attempts to sexually violate the young woman were thwarted, the man had managed to take $25 in cash from a table in a middle bedroom. 

Reportedly there were no signs of forced entry; however, the intruder might have entered the home via a western kitchen door that was closed but not locked. 

The perpetrator is described as being short and stocky and, at the time, was wearing a black hooded shirt, black pants, black gloves and a black face mask.