Police confiscate caches of marijuana found among items shipped into the country; drug finds valued at more than $130k

Two successful drug-interdiction operations were recently conducted on the same day – one at the Deep Water Harbour and the other at a shipping company – resulting in over $130,000 worth of marijuana being seized.

Reports say officers from the Narcotics Department, along with the Customs Task Force, carried out a joint exercise at the harbour at about 11:30 a.m. on January 26.

During this operation they found one brown E-Container box, which was searched and found to contain 20 vacuumed-sealed packages, each containing the controlled drug cannabis.

The box and its contents were taken to Police Headquarters for further investigation. 

Reports are that the substance was weighed and amounted to 20 pounds, with an estimated street value of $120,000. 

Meanwhile, officers that same day were called to L.W.T. Shipping, located in Carlisle Estate, after the owner notified them of a suspicious package among his shipment.

The business owner reportedly had received the shipment that very day.

Officers from the Narcotics Department carried out a search on some Bluetooth speakers, and discovered that they were concealing vacuumed-sealed packages with a greenish bushy substance that resembled marijuana. When weighed, it amounted to two pounds, with an estimated street value of $12,000.

That box, along with its contents, was also taken to Police Headquarters for further investigation.