UPP’s Thanksgiving Service was a reflection of its winner mentality, going from one to six seats in the House, Chair says

The United Progressive Party (UPP) says its service of thanksgiving, held on Sunday, January 29, at the Christian Assembly Ministries in Paynters, enjoyed a larger-than-expected turnout and the proceedings were magnificent.

Although the Party did not capture the government in the January 18 polls, it hosted a service to give God thanks:  Thanks for seeing the UPP and its candidates through the electoral cycle and for the inroads and strides made, allowing six candidates to be seated in the House of Representatives.

Party Chair D.Gisele Isaac explains that UPP supporters consider their Party has, indeed, won – given the one-seat majority now held by the Antigua Labour Party (ALP), despite Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s earlier boast that his party would take all 17 seats.

Isaac says the UPP believes in thanking God for His grace and mercies, a position always advanced by former Prime Minister and Political Leader Baldwin Spencer.  

Supporters of the political institution turned out in their numbers to celebrate with the Party’s Redeem Team, creating a packed-to-capacity church.  Accordingly, Isaac was careful to thank those who came out to worship.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party has scheduled a thanksgiving service for this weekend at the St. John’s Pentecostal House of Restoration.

She points out that the winning party has had the resources, plus two Sundays since the election, to thank God for its victory.  And yet, Isaac says, it appears that the ALP is following the lead of the UPP.