Isaac scoffs at Browne’s accusations against UPP and asks why he did not deploy Police and Army at public schools long ago

Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) D.Gisele Isaac is crying shame on Prime Minister Gaston Browne and scoffing at his accusations that the Party is behind the spate of school break-ins and vandalism and supposed arson.

Recently, both public and private institutions have been the targets of thieves and vandals. And Browne – looking for a scapegoat – has blamed the opposition Party for the problem his administration has been unable to handle.

However, while this type of behaviour has never been characteristic of the UPP, Isaac says it is known to be in the Antigua Labour Party’s playbook. She is therefore rejecting Browne’s assertions and calling them disgraceful.

Browne is now threatening to deploy the Police and Army at the government schools in order to catch the perpetrators. If he knew that this is all it would take to stop these criminal acts, Isaac says, then he should have done it a long time ago.

Isaac says the Browne Administration was fully aware of the plight of teachers and students, but, as usual, dragged its feet in getting the situation rectified. She notes that the Government seems willing to act only in cases where there are threats of industrial action.

The UPP Chairman also disagrees with the PM’s assertion that only public schools are being burglarized. On the contrary, she says, this is happening islandwide: in churches, homes and businesses.

The Government’s delays in improving school security forced the Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers (A&BUT) to threaten industrial action tomorrow, Tuesday, if 24-hour service is not instituted by Monday, October 3.