Diabetes Association to hold discussion on pre-diabetes and advise at-risk persons how to avoid transitioning to the illness

The Antigua and Barbuda Diabetes Association will be holding a
discussion on pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome in an effort to
educate residents about their risk of developing full-blown diabetes.
Juanita James, the president of the association, says some people are
borderline diabetic – meaning their [blood sugar] numbers are high,
but not high enough to put them into the category of being diabetic.
She says there are steps these persons can take to prevent the
transition to the disease, and the discussion to be held next
Wednesday, September 13, will outline what can be done.
James notes that the discussion is targeting the entire population,
since the disease is more prevalent among black people.
A family history of diabetes – in particular, a close relative such as
mother, father, siblings, aunts and uncles or grandparents who have
had the disease – puts a person at a greater risk of developing the
illness than the average person in the population.

Obesity; being overweight; having abnormal blood sugar readings in
the past and being classified as having pre-diabetes; a history of
hypertension; high cholesterol; and being above the age of 40 are all
additional risk factors of developing the disease.  
The Diabetes Association president says that persons should know
their risk and adjust their lifestyle accordingly.
James says the meeting will be held in the auditorium of the Sir
Lester Bird Medical Centre and will be an in-person gathering;
however, it will also be shared on the Zoom platform.