‘Lost’ victims of Alzheimers and dementia prompt Executive to consider establishment of daycare centres for the elderly

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is proposing that the Gaston
Browne Administration utilize some of its manifesto proposals to
address several social and medical issues impacting the Nation.
The proposals include care for the elderly population, especially
those suffering from ailments that affect the brain and memory.  
Reports say the minister of social transformation reported to his
Cabinet colleagues, on Wednesday, that Alzheimers is now affecting
a larger population of the Nation’s elderly citizens.
Many seniors with this diagnosis – and others suffering from
dementia – have wandered away from home, sometimes never to be
seen or heard from again and leaving their families devastated.
Accordingly, to reduce these instances, the Cabinet says it has
become necessary to consider the establishment of daycare centres
for the elderly throughout Antigua and Barbuda.
Damani Tabor, the UPP’s public relations officer, reminds the Nation
that the Party had proposed a modern facility catering to retirees on
the site of the old Holberton Hospital.
He describes it as a day club for senior citizens, with recreational,
social and other amenities.