Give recognition and credit to the differently abled and allow them to contribute, MP Simon urges local population

MP Kelvin “Shugy ” Simon is calling for more respect to be given to
the differently abled.
His call was made on Sunday, December 3, as Antigua and Barbuda
joined the rest of the world to observe International Day for Persons
with Disabilities.

As differently abled persons continue their fight to be treated fairly
and receive the same recognition as others, Simon is admonishing
residents to acknowledge their strength, resilience, and unique
abilities, rather than focus on their limitations.
He notes that those living with disabilities possess knowledge, skills,
talents, interests, and experiences that make them distinctive.
And, in spite of what some people might think of them, persons
living with disabilities have the ability to contribute significantly to
this country’s diversity, inventiveness, and creative energy. 
“Let’s create a society where everyone can thrive, regardless of
ability,” Simon encourages the public.