Corporal alleged to have shot at civilians in a row over rented vehicle; police brass being accused of a cover-up

A shooting incident involving a police officer reportedly is being
hushed up in order to avoid criminal prosecution, sources tell REAL

According to reports, the officer at the centre of the story rented a
vehicle to a man whom he later alleged is involved in the drug trade.
Further reports claim that, upon learning of the man’s reputation,
the officer attempted to recall the rented car.

Sources also allege that, using GPS, the corporal located the vehicle
on the southeastern side of the island and went there to retrieve it.
However, the man, who was with a female companion, refused to
hand it over, at the time, and drove away, instead.

It is alleged that the enraged police officer then drew his weapon
and fired 12 shots at the departing vehicle, with several bullets
actually striking the car – reportedly around the fuel tank and rear
door. Fortunately, however, the occupants were unharmed.

Now, sources claim, although the matter has been escalated from the
corporal’s superior up to the Commissioner – and, reportedly, the
minister responsible for public safety – there has been no punitive
action to date.

The insiders say there appears to be an agreement among all the
parties to “sweep it under the rug, so that the officer will not face
criminal charges for his action in discharging the weapon.”
They add that the corporal believes he is “untouchable” by virtue of
his attachment to a senior officer.

However, word of the alleged incident has been leaked, since REAL
News was alerted to this story by persons in the Diaspora, who were
outraged by the reported irresponsibility of the officer and the
disregard for human life.