Yet another drug bust at the Deep Water Harbour, this one yielding marijuana valued at over a half-million dollars

The Police are investigating the discovery of drugs worth more than a half-million dollars at the Deep Water Harbour’s Customs Bonded Warehouse.

Reports are that officers from the Drug Squad and Customs Enforcement Unit conducted the drug-interdiction exercise.

During the operation, two blue barrels and one brown barrel were searched and were found to contain 64 vacuumed-sealed packages with the controlled drug cannabis. A white bucket containing more of the substance was also found.

These containers and their contents were transported to Police Headquarters pending further inquiries.

Police say the drug weighs 87½ pounds and carries an estimated street value of $525,000.

Meanwhile, residents continue to ask why officers are not allowing these shipments of marijuana to be cleared and picked up in order to arrest the importers, while some are wondering whether this strategy is “orchestrated to reduce competition.”