Barbuda Council village meeting accomplished its objective, says Thomas, who declares himself ready for ‘land’ fight

The Barbuda Council staged a successful village meeting on Monday afternoon, November 14, in relation to the issuance of land certificates to belongers on the sister-island.

The Council is seeking to distribute certificates of “Collective Title” –conferring ownership of Barbuda’s lands – in order to upgrade the local land-registration and distribution process.

Former Barbudan Senator Linton Thomas says the Council accomplished what it set out to do.

 Attorney-General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin had warned the Council against going ahead with its plans to issue Certificates of Allotment – claiming there is no legal authority for the body to take such an action.

Any allotment of land on Barbuda has to be done through sanction and approval of the Cabinet, Benjamin says, since Antigua and Barbuda is a unitary state.

However, Thomas is challenging Benjamin and declares he is ready for the fight that is likely to ensue. 

Meanwhile, Thomas recalls that under the United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration, the people of Barbuda were treated better and not like second-class citizens.

Accordingly, he says that Barbudans will not relinquish their rights to any dictator-like government.  And, again, he refers to secession –

 a motion that was attempted a number of years ago, but failed.