UPP makes no objections to SMS voters list, saying it wants no eligible voter to be disenfranchised

The United Progressive Party (UPP) will not be making any claims
and objections to the list of registered voters for the St. Mary’s South
constituency, says Leon Chaku Symister, its spokesperson on legal
Based on the law, Monday, September 4, was the deadline for filing
claims and objections. However – having reviewed the
supplementary list published for July – UPP candidate Kelvin
“Shugy” Simon and his team are satisfied that no objections are
necessary, Symister says.
He notes that the Party has been very careful, both on the national
scale and, now, in St. Mary’s South, to ensure that a clean list will be
used on polling day. And Party officials want to be satisfied that
every person who is registered was entitled to register.

According to Symister, the Party’s primary concern is that no one is
disenfranchised and that everyone who is eligible to vote in the St.
Mary’s South constituency is allowed to do so.

Symister says the decision not to make any objections to this list
does not, in any way, negate the Party’s right to make them on other
lists when published.