Sunday-morning searches allow cops to seize two illegal firearms and detain those in whose possession they were found

The Police are reporting some success in getting illegal firearms off the

Reports say that officers executed search warrants in two locations, where
illegal firearms were seized and persons subsequently detained.
Officers reportedly went with a warrant to a home in Grays Farm where a
9mm pistol was retrieved, with the person in whose possession it was

During a similar exercise in Coolidge, the Police found a. 380 firearm at a
home, and the person who had it was arrested and taken into custody.
The proliferation of illegal weapons is a major issue for the Police and a cause
for concern for many residents right across the country.

Many of the robberies taking place island-wide include the use of illegal
firearms, which sometimes have been used to beat and assault victims.
The search exercises were conducted on Sunday morning, May 12.