Officer under investigation for attempt to sneak cannabis into prison between his buttocks

A story that broke over the weekend, in which a prison officer allegedly
attempted to smuggle drugs into His Majesty’s Prison has been met with
widespread condemnation – and some levity, as well. 

Reports claim the prison officer – a resident of Liberta – tried to sneak in a
quantity of the drug cannabis, believed to have been intended for sale to the

Allegedly, the officer had the illegal substance strapped between his buttocks. 
However, it is also alleged that he was intercepted by law-enforcement
officers on Friday, May 10, after he showed up at the penal facility to take up
duties. It is believed – but it has not been confirmed – that the Police were
acting on a tip-off. 

The alleged offender, who is reported to be 47 years old, has been employed
at the prison for some seven years now.

Reportedly, an investigation into this matter has commenced – as it is
suspected that this is not the first time this particular officer has taken drugs
into the penal facility.

Previous incidents like this are what prompted the authorities to place police
officers at the prison for the purpose of carrying out searches on those
entering and exiting the compound. 

In spite of this measure, however, sources say there are instances where some
contraband still make its way into the prison.

Meanwhile, many persons who read the story online have been cracking jokes
about where the drugs allegedly were hidden and using various puns within
their comments.