Alfa Nero was taken on sea trial to assess its preparedness for adverse weather conditions, Telemaque says

Darwin Telemaque, the Antigua Port Authority manager, has
explained why the controversial superyacht, the Alfa Nero, was
moved from its moorings in Falmouth Harbour today, September 7.

According to a news report, the yacht was being moved to safer
waters within Antigua’s territory as a safeguard – in light of
Hurricane Lee now tracking northward. However, no specific
location was given.

This reportedly was intended to reduce the potential risks posed by
rough sea conditions as the storm passes nearby, although, at this
stage, Lee is not a direct threat to Antigua and Barbuda.

However, during the weekly post-Cabinet briefing, Telemaque said
the yacht had a brief sea trial on Thursday to assess its
maneuverability and preparedness for adverse weather conditions.
This trial also follows recent repairs conducted on the vessel, he

The yacht’s captain reportedly conducted the trial run under the
supervision of the Port’s chief pilot.

The Alfa Nero has been docked in local waters since February 2022.
It is now the property of the Government following amendments to
the Port Authority Act.

However, the Browne Administration has been trying to sell the
vessel since conducting an auction in June. Its efforts have not been
successful so far, as ownership of the yacht has been challenged in
the courts.

Sources claim that both the bid-winner and the second-highest
bidder have withdrawn their offers in light of the controversy
marring the sale process.