Thursday rainfall causes heavy flooding on major roadways, in St. John’s City, and in its environs, with another advisory issued by MET Office

Within the space of 48 hours the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological
Services (MET) has had to issue another Flash Flood Advisory due to
torrential rain falling on certain sections of Antigua.
While, on Tuesday, May 7, rain fell mostly on the southern section of the
island, causing flooding in Jennings, Ebenezer, and Bolans, there was
significant flooding on the Sir George Walter Highway; at the intersection of
the American Road and the Sir Sydney Walling Highway; on Tanner and
Market Streets, and in many urban and suburban neighbourhoods, on
Thursday, May 9.
In this recent communication, the MET Office issued a flash-flood advisory for
low-lying and flood-prone areas, which ended at 2 p.m. on Thursday. A flood
advisory is issued when streams, creeks, and drains may be elevated or even
overflowing onto the streets and the low-lying and flood-prone areas.

The MET Office had warned of inconveniences, but the flooding was not
expected to be immediately life-threatening. Nevertheless, the public was
cautioned that just one foot of flowing water is enough to sweep vehicles off
the road.

Dozens of videos capturing the flooding were shared on social media –
including of city rats and roaches “sheltering from the water;” but, reportedly,
there was minimal, if any, damage to properties in the affected areas.

Forecasters say that daytime heating over the northeast Caribbean is
influencing the weather over the Leeward Islands and contributing to the
instability that is causing periodic heavy showers across the country.
Up to two inches of rain had fallen in some places in Antigua earlier Thursday
morning, and forecasters are expecting another inch or more across both
Antigua and Barbuda in the next six hours.

In the meantime, some areas have been flooded due to uncleared drains and
water courses, including an area in Jennings where two ponds are located. To
prevent further flooding, the Government deployed at least two backhoes on
Thursday to clear the water courses of shrubbery. Men could also be seen
clearing the dirt- and grass-filled drains in the area.
There were also reports of some damage to roads in the West Palm Beach of
Bolans area due to the torrential rainfall on Tuesday.

Residents in various neighbourhoods in the north, northeast and middle of the
island – particularly in Paynters West, Paynters Court, and Lightfoot – tell
REAL News they are challenged by getting into and out of their homes, given
the already “horrible condition” of the community roads.

Reportedly, more rain is expected tomorrow, and they say they are bracing for
the deluge, going “from no water in the pipe to too much water on the