Mussington, new BPM chair, says upcoming elections are about safeguarding the Barbuda Council from Browne Administration

John Mussington, the newly elected chairman of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), says his party will continue to fight for the people of the sister-island and ensure they are not taken advantage of by the Gaston Browne Administration.

Mussington says the BPM wants to make certain that Barbuda’s lands remain with the people and they have access to the full range of the island’s resources.

Accordingly, he says the upcoming Barbuda Council elections will determine whether the Government will have freer reign over Barbuda to do as it pleases.  

Mussington notes that the sister-island appears to be the current breadbasket of the twin-island state, but its people are not benefitting in the way they should.

As a result, the BPM will not allow the Browne Administration to continue walking over Barbudans in order to enrich themselves, he says.  That is why the BPM is going into the March elections with the hope of safeguarding the Barbuda Council.