After being ignored by Administration, crossing guards ask Wehner to plead their cause so their concerns can be addressed

Crossing guards are pleading with the Browne Administration to provide the tools required for them to perform their duties efficiently and to settle the outstanding issue of their insurance.

Since they have been unable to get a response from, or the cooperation of, the Government, one crossing guard reached out to REAL News correspondent George Wehner, asking him to plead their cause.

The crossing guards fall under the management of the Ministry of Education; therefore, Wehner is appealing to Minister Daryll Matthew to urgently address the guards’ concerns.

Reportedly, the guards also cite issues with a supervisor whom they accuse of having being politically appointed.

Crossing guards have made complaints to our Newsroom several times over the past three years – usually after the Police have taken their own issues to the public – hoping to have the Administration pay them some attention.