Simon and the UPP’s SMS Branch roll out distribution of backpacks and school supplies as assistance to students

Candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon and the United Progressive Party’s
St. Mary’s South Branch have come to the assistance of families in
need through a Back-to-School Backpack Distribution initiative.
The programme has seen the distribution of new school bags, which
are filled with the requisite supplies, such as pens, pencils, crayons,
notebooks, and other essentials.
The packed book-bags were distributed to children in Urlings,
Bolans, Crabbe Hill and Johnsons Point.
The initiative was made possible through the kind and generous
donation of members of the community, and other persons and
businesses; and it is intended to demonstrate to parents that their
children are supported and valued by the community.
Simon, who is well acquainted with childhood deprivation, says
more than 150 children in the constituency received backpacks. The
drive, he says, is to ensure that the children return to the classroom
equipped with the tools they need to succeed.
A former guidance counselor, Simon says the initiative is also about
giving the children a great step as they start a new school year. The
UPP candidate notes that anything he and the Branch and the Party
can do to help put smiles on the faces of the children will be done.
Simon says the donations will also help to ease the financial burden
on parents, as many continue to struggle during these challenging
economic times.

Although some parents may have already bought some supplies, he
says they will now have additional materials to last for the school