St. Johnstons Village construction site broken into and plumbing/electrical fixtures worth $2,600 removed

Plumbing/electrical items worth $2,600 were stolen from a St.
Johnstons Village property, and the Police continue to investigate
the incident.
A report was made to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID)
that some unknown person(s) had broken into a house under
construction that is owned by a Cades Bay resident.

Allegedly, the perpetrator(s) stole a Water Works 20-gallon
pressure tank valued at $1,700.00 and a pump valued at $900.
The intruder(s) apparently entered the property through an eastern
bedroom push-up window that had been broken and forcibly
opened. Further reports say they used a bucket and three concrete
blocks to create elevation and gain access.
The stolen items were then removed from the kitchen area.