Wehner decries condition of cricket facilities at AGS, and notes it is the alma mater of sporting legend Sir Vivian Richards

The Antigua Grammar School’s sports area has been left to become
overrun with bushes and trees, complains George Wehner, the
United Progressive Party (UPP) mobilization officer, who is decrying
its appalling condition.

Ahead of next week’s opening of schools for the 2023-2024
academic year, Wehner paid a visit to the government-run
secondary school, which is located along Old Parham Road.
He reports that the practicing facility for cricket – in particular, the
bowling net area – is not in good condition, as that area lacks grass,
while there is a huge wild-tamarind tree growing through the metal

This protrusion through the batting cage has caused damage to the
metal net, he says, as some parts of it appear to have become
embedded within the tree trunk. Wehner says there are termites in
the area, as well, and the paved concrete pitches are almost overrun
with grass.

The astro turf, meanwhile, is covered by leaves from the nearby
trees, and the cricket stumps are visible only when the shrubbery is
peeled away.

It seems that the Ministry of Education either does not care, or cares
very little, about sports in schools and the proper upkeep of the
sporting facilities, Wehner concludes.

However, he says, these facilities are very important in helping to
hone the skills of student-athletes if they are to become proficient
and professional in their respective disciplines.

The Antigua Grammar School, Wehner notes, is not only his alma
mater, but that of the country’s lone living National Hero and
cricketing legend – Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, who is the
only West Indies cricket captain never to have lost a Test series.

What he finds instructive, the UPP officer says, is that the pitch area
is in close proximity to the Antigua Labour Party headquarters on
Nugent Avenue and Old Parham Road.

Since only a fence separates them, Wehner says the government
officials who gather at the headquarters should have seen the
condition of the facility and moved to restore it, so that the
Grammar School boys can resume use of the area.
Unfortunately, he says, the Browne Administration cares nothing
about investing in the development of education, sports, or extra-
curricular activities for the students of this Nation.