Woman allegedly raped after unsuccessful robbery attempt; single female says she is armed for self-defense

A woman reportedly was raped on Monday afternoon, May 15, after allegedly being accosted by a group of five young men carrying guns.

This report went into wide circulation last night via social media, but REAL News was unable to obtain confirmation from the Police.

According to the report, the woman’s ordeal began at about 4:30 p.m., as she was walking home, in the area of Abbott’s Farm Road and Epicurean Drive.

Allegedly, the group attempted to rob the woman, but discovered she was carrying nothing of value.  

It is further alleged that she was then dragged into the bushes and sexually assaulted by two of the men.

The report claims that the alleged victim’s daughter took the same route shortly after and, seeing her mother’s handbag on the side of the road, began to scream.

Some men working on a nearby farm ran to her assistance and apparently found the victim.

Further reports say an ambulance was called, but took about 30 minutes to arrive, while the Police showed up in an hour’s time, allegedly after repeated calls to 911.

While this report is yet to be officially confirmed, what REAL News is certain of is an increase in sexual assaults since late last year.  

Yet, many residents have complained that the authorities – Minister of Public Safety Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin and Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney – seem not to be taking this matter seriously.  

Accordingly, they say the perpetrators– who usually break into the women’s homes and rob them before committing the rape or other sexual offense – are growing bolder, even as females are growing more afraid.

A woman living on her own tells our Newsroom she has several sharpened cutlasses around her home and she is “not afraid to use them.”  She says she also carries an ice pick in her handbag.

Since she cannot rely on the Police to keep her safe, she will “do the job” herself, she declares.

It appears that women in the Creekside-Golden Grove area have been targeted; but assaults in the Potters community also have been reported.

The perpetrator is always described as wearing dark clothing, having his face covered, and sounding “like an Antiguan.”  Some victims have also reported having a bright light shone in their faces, effectively blinding them.