‘Gang life is not the way to go,’ Youth Parliament tells its peers, adding that sports and recreation could stem youth violence

The National Youth Parliament Association is echoing the call for action to address the rise in youth violence.

This issue has the entire Nation – including students, teachers and parents – on edge, with the Teachers Union threatening industrial action if the authorities do not urgently and seriously address this issue, among others.  

According to the Youth Parliament, violence among the youth has reached an alarming level.  It says the significant increase in gangs, who travel with weapons and commit horrendous acts, has resulted in severe injuries to victims and young people being remanded to prison.

Therefore, the association is publicly condemning what it terms the unlawful behaviour of youth who take part in these activities.

Further, the Association is calling on public- and private-sector stakeholders to swiftly implement a solution that is both combative and rehabilitative for “the dreadful situation.”

The peer group says, “It is important for youth to understand their role in society,” since they are the backbone of the Nation.  It notes that young people are among the main agents for progressive change; therefore, these acts of violence and crime pose a serious threat to the security of the country.

This, in turn, creates an atmosphere of instability which threatens our peace and safety, the body says.

The Association warns that gang life is not the way to go, and it is important for youth to live a life of purpose.

Meanwhile, the Association is pointing out that, currently, there are few recreational facilities in the communities for young people.  And it suggests that the lack of community sports and recreation centres could be one cause for the upsurge in violence among them.

According to the Association, many young people need to be “wholesomely engaged during after-school hours.”

Therefore, it concludes, there is a serious gap that needs to be filled, and the issue – being one of public concern – demands that urgent action be taken.