Stone-wielding bandits break glass doors to rob FLOW store, while Digicel location sustains damage but keeps them out

Two of the country’s top mobile and Internet-service providers fell victim to vandalism of their stores on the weekend, with at least one having a number of cell phones stolen.

Reports are that both Digicel and FLOW will have to replace their doors, as stones apparently were used to break the glass and facilitate entry.

REAL News understands that a Special Security Services operator alerted the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that the alarm system at FLOW’s Nevis Street and Market Street store had been triggered.

She also reported that someone appeared to have broken into the building.

Reports confirmed that the perpetrator(s) did, indeed, enter, and they stole a quantity of cellular phones on display.

The quantity and brands of the stolen phones still have to be ascertained by the Police, who carried out a search for the devices, but without success.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 1:50 a.m. on Sunday, August 7.

Just a stone’s throw away, at the corner of Redcliffe and Market Streets, some unknown person(s) also used a stone to smash the glass door of the Digicel store.

The perpetrator(s) attempted to break in through the Market Street entrance; but the glass – though cracked in several areas – remained intact. Accordingly, it does not appear that the bandit(s) were able to breach the door and gain entry into the store.

The Police are investigating both incidents.