In separate incidents, a pair of bandits rob two men at gunpoint and relieve their victims of a phone, jewelry and cash

Two men were robbed of their possessions in separate, unrelated incidents that involved the use of firearms.

REAL News understands that a 34-year-old Parham man was held at gunpoint by two men while he reportedly was charging his phone and waiting for a friend at the King George V Ground.

Reportedly, the two assailants had approached him and made demands for money, and the taller of the two men fired a shot that grazed the man’s left knee.

After taking the victim’s black designer bag, along with his Samsung cellular phone, the alleged robbers then made good their escape

The matter was reported to the Grays Farm Police Station.

The men are said to be dark in complexion, with the shorter male being about 5’5” in height.  He was wearing a pair of khaki shorts, a white T-shirt, and black socks with brown slippers.

His accomplice reportedly is about 5’9” tall and slimly built.

The victim had to be treated for the injury he sustained during the robbery, which took place at about 10:45 p.m. on August 4.

Reportedly, the Police searched extensively for the perpetrators, including in the Ottos area and other surrounding communities, but did not find them.

In another incident, a 35-year-old Valley Road man also reported to the Grays Farm Police Station that he had been robbed, at gunpoint, of a gold chain, gold bracelet and gold ring, as well as a silver ring, $500 cash, and two Dominican Republic passports.

Reports say the man had been walking with his girlfriend on Tindale Road when he was approached by two men who demanded money.

Reportedly, after he told them he did not have any cash, both men brandished firearms and removed his shoulder bag, which contained the passports and money.

The robbers then ripped the chain from around his neck, removed his bracelet, and ordered him to remove his rings. 

Reports say the gun-toting bandits then ran through a footpath, making good their escape. 

One of the men is described as tall, and the other short and wearing a tam and dark clothing. 

A search for them in the surrounding areas was not successful.

This offence reportedly occurred at about 10:30 p.m. on August 5.