UPP denies Browne’s ‘fake profile’ claims and says his own behaviour in SMS has discredited him

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is denying claims by Prime
Minister Gaston Browne that Opposition operatives created a fake
social-media profile of him and calling it a tactic to elicit sympathy

However, the UPP says, the PM’s strategy will not work, as his
accusations come straight out of the Antigua Labour Party’s

The Party says it views with contempt this latest effort of Prime
Minister Browne – who is claiming to be a cyber victim – to gain the
support of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.
Browne is alleging that persons working for the Opposition – none
of whom he names – have attempted to smear him and discredit his

achievements by creating a fake profile that spewed profanity on a
social media page.

However, the UPP says it has no need to resort to such low tactics to
disgrace the prime minister. It notes that Browne, “singlehandedly –
in his recent unhinged rants and unprecedented solipsism in St.
Mary’s South – brought his position and the office into disrepute.”
The Party adds that Browne would be better advised to look within
the Antigua Labour Party, where there is so much dissatisfaction
among his comrades, for the real culprit behind this fake profile.
Otherwise, the UPP says, the prime minister has the resources of the
Police at his disposal and should have them investigate this alleged

“This attempt by Prime Minister Browne to paint himself as a victim
and throw a pity party will not work,” the UPP declares. And,
already, some residents are saying that Browne, himself, could have
created the fake profile.

Polls consistently have suggested that Simon is leading in the St.
Mary’s South race. Therefore, a source says, it would make no sense
for the UPP to create a bogus profile of the prime minister.
On a related note, the Labour Party is known to have distributed
“gifts” to the constituents of St. Mary’s South – including food, fans,
and bicycles.

Now, PM Browne is seeking to deflect the criticism that has followed
by alleging, on his Facebook page, that the UPP candidate has given
away fridges and stoves.
In response, the UPP says Browne’s claim is a naked lie and that it
has absolutely no need to descend to his level of gutter politics.

The Party says its candidate, Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, will run on a
record of integrity and delivery – and not trumped-up efforts to win
public sympathy.

It concludes that it is satisfied with, and proud of, the campaign run
by both the Party and Simon; and it is confident that voters in the
upcoming by-election will make the right choice based on
performance and character.