Lovell tells SMS to pressure Gov’t to complete pre-election projects; Simon promises to agitate for same

Former Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP)
Harold Lovell is calling on the people of St. Mary’s South to keep the
feet of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) Government to the fire.
The Browne Administration had promised and commenced a
number of projects in the constituency, some of which were started
just ahead of the October 24 by-election in the hope of giving the
Labour Party candidate an advantage. 
However, the UPP candidate, Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, emerged the
winner by a margin of 174 votes.
Weeks before the by-election, part of the Bolans play field was
excavated – reportedly for the construction of a spectator stand.

But since the ALP’s defeat, no infrastructural work has taken place,
and Lovell says that constituents must demand that the project be
He says, as well, that work commenced in earnest on the road
network throughout the constituency, but some streets remain in
And, again, Lovell urges the people to pressure the Government to
complete the work, saying there is a tendency of the Browne
Administration to start projects before an election and stop
immediately after, then resume only on the cusp of another General

Meanwhile, Lovell says that everything promised on the campaign
trail by Dwayne George, including a $500 monthly stipend to small
businesses, should still be honoured.
And, he says, the UPP will be holding the Labour Party accountable
to ensure that its promises are fulfilled. 
The people should also let the Administration know that when
promises are made, they – the residents – will ensure they are kept,
the former political leader says.
However, when these projects are completed, he says, constituents
should give the credit to MP-Elect Simon – since it was in the ALP’s
attempt to defeat him in the by-election that all these promises were
Meanwhile, supporting Lovell, Simon complains that since the play
field has been dug up, it cannot be used now for its customary

He pledges to get the authorities to complete the job, or to restore
the field to the condition it was in previously.
Simon declares that the people of St. Mary’s South have proven they
will no longer stand for this type of disrespect from the Gaston
Browne Administration.
Accordingly, he will continue to pressure the Labour Party
Government to perform, he says, because that is why it was elected.
The newly re-elected MP says this parliamentary term will not be a
holiday for the ruling party, as he will be making the necessary
demands on behalf of his people.