While ALP celebrates at candidate launch, Simon says clogged drains in SMS are smelly and the roads are in poor condition

Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate
for St. Mary’s South, once again is highlighting the poor
infrastructure in the constituency, especially in the West Palm
Beach, Bolans, area.
The Antigua Labour Party held the grand launch of its candidate,
Dwayne George, on Sunday, September 17, in an area where the
road reportedly is falling in and the drains are dirty and smelly with
stagnant, green water.

Simon points out that while thousands of dollars were spent on
Sunday’s event, those who live in St. Mary’s South continue to be

He complains that, in the middle of a hurricane season, the drains
remain uncleaned, and have been that way for months, in spite of
persons being paid to clean them.
West Palm Beach is one of several communities that are known for
flooding; and with the drains being clogged, it creates a situation
where flooding is inevitable, the UPP candidate says.
He notes, too, that the roads are in a deplorable state; and yet, he
says, ALP campaigners are driving about the constituency soliciting
votes for George.
Under the Gaston Browne Administration, he continues, there have
been almost 10 years of failure and neglect, and the time has come
to rid the country of the Labour Party.
The constituents and the people of this country deserve better, but
the ALP has no regard for the people, Simon laments.