Tabor says Browne Administration should lower the cost of living first before it attempts to levy tax on sugary beverages

The United Progressive Party (UPP) says it does not agree with the
Browne Administration’s plans to implement a tax on sugary drinks.
On Wednesday, August 3, during its weekly meeting, the
Executive adopted a decision related to sugary, sweetened
beverages. It was noted that legislation related to taxing these
beverages will soon follow – a development at which Minister of
Health Sir Molwyn Joseph has been hinting broadly for some time.
It is believed that sugary drinks are a big contributor to non-
communicable diseases such as diabetes, which can lead to kidney
and heart conditions.
However, says Damani Tabor, the UPP public relations officer, the
Administration must seek to lower the cost of living first – so that
consumer products are more affordable – before seeking to tax
sugary drinks.
Tabor points out that shoppers resort to the more unhealthy options
because the healthier products are much more expensive.

Meanwhile, Tabor says the UPP is against the Administration’s
broader picture to raise taxes, since this will negatively impact small
businesses and the poor, who are still struggling as a result of the
COVID-19 pandemic.

He says that people are entitled to make purchases that coincide
with their spending power, and they also have the right to choose
what is healthy for them and their families to consume.
Meanwhile, Tabor says the sitting government ministers are living
their best lives, travelling around the world and eating whatever
they like.