Accessing basic healthcare proves challenging for residents, as diabetes patient gets the runaround to source meds

Leon George, a resident of St. Mary’s North, is concerned that the
country’s basic healthcare infrastructure appears to be crumbling.
George recounts an incident in which a diabetic was forced to visit
three clinics before she was able to receive the medication she
needed: a tetanus shot.

He reports that the woman was being helped to source the
medication by a relative.  However, when the man got to the Bolans

Clinic he reportedly was advised that no one was available to
administer the injection.

The man reportedly was instructed to check the Jennings Clinic –
which, incidentally, is situated in the constituency of St. Mary’s
North, represented by Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph.

However, when he arrived at that facility, he reportedly was told the
clinic does not have those injections, because it is without a working
refrigerator – which is required to keep the medication at a
particular temperature. 

After receiving this information, the man – undaunted by the first
two incidents – decided to drive to Old Road, where, finally, he was

With all the suffering taking place in the country, George complains,
not even basic healthcare can be accessed by citizens and residents.
Accordingly, he says it is unfortunate that Sir Molwyn was re-elected
to serve in that capacity, given the condition of the system.