Police ask the public for help in identifying pair of thieves caught on camera in Dredgers cafe

Two men have been caught on surveillance camera, ransacking and stealing items from Dredgers KDOG’S Café, located at Dredgers Cricket Field near the East Bus Station.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday, February 21, and the pair reportedly made off with snacks and drinks, along with other small items.

The closed-circuit television footage shows both men searching around the business and feeling up and down the walls.  They also made several attempts to unlatch a window, which they eventually got open, and held it that way with a stick.

At that point, one of the intruders observed that there was a camera inside the business and directed the other to remove it, which he did.

The Police are now asking anyone who can identify the perpetrators, or provide any information that may lead to their arrest, to contact the nearest police station or the Criminal Investigation Department at 462-3913.

Earlier this year, the Police reported that acquisition crimes, including break-ins, larceny and robberies, increased in 2021.