Magistrate reportedly orders ‘illegal’ station bail for businessmen charged for possession of cannabis

Two businessmen, one from a prominent Arab family, reportedly
have been granted station bail for an indictable offence, and
concerned residents are asking why.

REAL News has received reports that the two business owners were
caught with a controlled substance worth over $100,000 at the Port.
It is alleged that the Office of National Drug Control and Money
Laundering Policy (ONDCP) conducted an operation at the Deep
Water Harbour on Friday, July 21, and the pair were intercepted
with an illegal drug.

It is further alleged that they were allowed to go free that day, but
were picked up on Saturday, July 22, arrested, and charged. 

Allegations are that the men were caught with 20 pounds of
cannabis which carry an estimated street value of $120,000.
Reportedly, based on the directives of a certain magistrate – and
within an hour of their detention – the duo was granted station bail
in the sum of $20,000, which is far less than the actual value of the
illegal drug. 

It is important to note that the Police are not authorized to accept
money when granting station bail.

Meanwhile, the quantity of the drug found makes it a case that must
be tried in the High Court; and, as such, the Police have no authority
to grant bail for such offences – even at the directive of a judicial

Drugs in that amount usually attract a cash deposit and other
conditions, as the Court would see fit.

In the meantime, it is alleged that the businessmen will be making a
court appearance today, Monday, July 24.

Only two weeks ago, a Seaview Farm man was caught attempting to
clear a barrel containing drugs.

He had a smaller quantity of cannabis – about nine pounds – but he
was not accorded station bail.

In fact, the Police kept him in custody overnight, and he was charged
and then taken to court. There, he pleaded guilty to possession with
intent to transfer and was sent to prison for seven months.

Given these facts, cynical residents are waiting to see what further
special treatment will be meted out to the two well-known business
owners by the court.

This is not the first time the Police have overstepped their legal
authority and granted bail to prominent citizens, while – according
to critics –
the poor man is held in deplorable, inhumane conditions before
being taken before the court.

Even for battery – or the possession of small amounts of drugs, with
a street value of less than $100 – offenders reportedly have been
kept in custody for long periods.

These offences, however, are not that serious and could attract
station bail.