Creative Industries acknowledges poor production and apologizes to teens, patrons and sponsors for show’s technical difficulties

Relatives and friends of the students who took part in the “Mr. and
Miss Teenage Pageant,” as well as members of the public, are
disappointed at the confusion and the mountain of technical
difficulties that plagued this year’s production.

Audience members recount hearing expletives being hurled by the
technical staff – not only backstage, but in Carnival City, where
young people had turned out in their numbers to support their

Because of the multiplicity of issues on Saturday night, the
Department of Creative Industries has been forced to apologize to
the “esteemed students, parents, sponsors, patrons, and supporters
for the unexpected challenges experienced during this year’s highly
anticipated Mr. & Miss Teenage Pageant Competition.”

In spite of weeks of hard work, relentless practice, camaraderie
among peers, and dedicated effort, the Ministry’s statement says
that unforeseeable technical difficulties had an unfortunate impact
on the night’s production. 

However, it continues, notwithstanding the challenges, the 14
“brilliant, beautiful, and talented teenagers” showcased their
exceptional skills and devoted countless hours to ensure their
presentations were of top-tier quality and flawlessness.

The general public is being assured that the team is committed to
identifying the root cause of the issues and taking appropriate
measures to prevent similar occurrences in future events. 
However, it notes, the judging was not impacted.  

The Department of Creative Industries expresses its sincerest
gratitude to the sponsors, parents, schools, and well-wishers for
their unwavering support, since, without their generous
contributions, the competition would not have been possible.

Ministry officials say they deeply regret any disappointment caused
to those who attended the show, along with the contestants, whose
passion and dedication were displayed through excellent

The organizers are also being commended for their hard work with
the teens, which, the Ministry says, has not gone unnoticed.