Police seize cannabis valued at over $300k at Port, while resident questions the procedure

The Police are reporting the seizure of 54.4 pounds of cured cannabis, discovered during an operation with the Customs Department at the Deep Water Harbour on Monday, May 16.

They say the  illegal substance, valued at $320,400 was concealed among food items inside three barrels.

The barrels were taken to Police Headquarters, as investigations into the matter are ongoing.

One resident, a former public servant, is asking why the Police do not leave the containers in which the drugs are found to be cleared — rather than removing them to Headquarters.

“If they really want to know who is bringing in these drugs, why don’t they just mark the barrels and see who comes to claim them?” she asks. “That way, they have the drugs and catch the drug-pushers, too,” she says.

The woman tells REAL News that, since the recent drug-trafficking scandal in the British Virgin Islands broke, she is very cynical about the seizure of drugs by the Police.

“The authorities just want to fool us into believing they’re doing something to control the drug trade,” she says; “but you never hear of them arresting any importer.”

Meanwhile, there is still no official word on the security breach at the Port in which bandits entered the premises, broke into a locked container, and removed four barrels – without being seen by security personnel.

Residents speculate that the barrels contained either illegal drugs or firearms.