Lovell says PM Browne is afraid to name by-election date because results will be referendum on him and his party

Harold Lovell, former political leader of the United Progressive
Party (UPP), is calling on Prime Minister Gaston Browne to name the
date for the St. Mary’s South by-election and stop wasting time. 

Speaking at the Party’s rally in Bolans on Thursday night, July 6,
Lovell said that, based on information the UPP has received, the
Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission  (ABEC) is ready to
stage that poll.

Therefore, he says, there is nothing holding the prime minister back
from announcing a date.  

About 30 days have passed since former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon
tendered his resignation from the House of Representatives on June 7.

And, according to the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda, a by-
election must be held within 120 days.
Accordingly, Lovell says, the clock began to run from June 8.

Lovell believes that PM Browne is afraid to call the by-election
because the results will be a referendum on him, his party, and his

Meanwhile, Lovell says, the people are anxious for the election date.
They wish to have Simon back in Parliament, so he can continue
executing his plans for the constituency.