Nut Grove teen reports confrontation with two youth that reportedly involves stones and discharge of a flare gun

Youth on youth violence continues unabated, with an assault on two
teenagers being investigated by the Police. 

Reports say that a 19-year-old Nut Grove victim telephoned the
Grays Farm Police Station and complained that, while walking to a
village shop with his friend – a 17-year-old of the same address –
they were assaulted by two young men, one of whom was armed
with what appeared to be a flare gun.

One of the alleged offenders is said to be known by the name
“Anthony.” While the victim does not know the other youth, he says
he could identify him if he sees him again. 

The victims reportedly were walking past the trouble makers; but
“Anthony” allegedly walked into the path of the complainant’s friend
and brushed against him. 

As a result, the two began to argue, and then the 17-year-old walked
away and went to the shop. 

However, while walking back home, they again met up with the two
alleged aggressors, who had armed themselves with stones and
were coming towards the pair of friends.

At that time, reportedly, the 17-year-old also armed himself with a
stone, while “Anthony” pulled an object – believed to be a flare gun –
from his pants waist and pointed it in their direction. 

Immediately after, the victim said, he heard a loud explosion, and
the two perpetrators ran in an eastern direction. 
This offence reportedly occurred at about 8:30 p.m. on June 21 at
Nut Grove.

In other reports on crime, the Ministry of Agriculture was the recent
target of thieves, who made off with two batteries from a cold-
storage truck. 

The matter was reported to the Criminal Investigations Department
(CID) by a fisheries officer, who requested police assistance.
Reportedly the offence occurred sometime between 12:45 p.m on
June 5 – when the batteries were last seen – and 1 p.m. on June 21,
when they were discovered missing at the Ministry of Agriculture
headquarters on Queen Elizabeth Highway.

Reports say the fisheries officer had parked a white cold-storage
van, G-2603, on the eastern side of the ministry, facing north, on
June 5. And, apparently the perpetrator had used force to remove
the batteries from under the vehicle. 

A search was carried out for the missing equipment, but without
success, and the matter is under police investigation.